Amber Lawrence

Multi-Golden Guitar winner, Australian singer-songwriter, Amber Lawrence is having a cracking 2019 with the release of her 6th studio album, Spark! (14 Jun 2019), celebrating her wedding and introduction to motherhood, ‘Spark’ and it’s 10 songs perfectly represent a new chapter in Amber's life, with a fun and energetic vibe interwoven with heartfelt ballads.

The lead single ‘Outrageous’ topped the country radio and video charts, being the 2nd most played song at country radio in the second quarter of 2019 just behind Lee Kernaghan. ‘Heart’ the second single followed suit with topping the country radio and video charts. ‘Hell To Hallelujah’ the third single released 3 October is now climbing the charts and ready to follow suit.

It’s almost 3 years since the Sydney born and bred Amber’s last solo release – ‘Happy Ever After’. However, to assume that Amber has been resting on her laurels or taking time off is a huge mistake. In that short time Amber has released two children’s albums (The Kids Gone Country and Aussie Aussie Christmas), released a collaboration with Travis Collins (Our Backyard) – which saw them win 3 Golden Guitar Awards in 2018, performed her original work ‘100 Year Handshake’ in New York for none other than President of the United States, Donald Trump and other dignitaries, co-hosted the 2019 Golden Guitar Awards, hosted radio show iHeart Country Australia (receiving a nomination for Top 10 New Radio Talent to watch), met and married the love of her life (they met on Tinder none the less), and gave birth to baby boy, Ike, in August last year. Somehow, she’s also managed to write a brand new album ‘Spark’ between Nashville and Australia – an album that really does represent everything that is creating happiness, love and light in her life at the moment.

Produced by Brisbane-based, ARIA-nominated Stuart Stuart of Analog Heart Studio (Sheppard, The Veronicas), ‘Spark’ is a collection of deeply personal stories that speak directly to the listener with messages of resilience, individuality and finding true love, in the form of catchy pop-country songs that you just can’t seem to get out of your head.

With lyrics like “I don’t have a Plan B just because I should” and “do what you want to, don’t listen to your mother”, her catchy debut single, ‘Outrageous’, advises you to do whatever it is that makes you happy, and shoot for the stars. Sage advice from Amber who famously gave up a high paying career as a Qantas accountant to pursue her country music dream.

Every song on the album was written or co-written by Amber between Australia and Nashville, which makes it so much more intimate to listen to, as Amber lets you into her personal life with sincere and beautiful dedications to those she cares most about.

One such dedication goes out to her beloved husband, Marty, in ‘Everlast’, where with heart-wrenching hindsight she realises he will never shake her father’s hand or that she has “missed so many firsts in your life”, but summarises the beautiful connection the future holds with “all that has passed will in time turn to dust, I will always be your everlast.” Her dedication to Marty continues in the fun, tongue-in-cheek tune of ‘Hell to Hallelujah’, written by Amber, Phil Barton and Victoria Banks in Nashville, a rollicking tune that paints a picture of a fairytale wedding and “thank(s) God I finally found a good man”. True to life indeed!

Always one to highlight the special relationship she shares with her mother, ‘I Get It Now’, written with Australian hit maker Mike Carr, describes the epiphany she experienced when she realised that everything her mum had done for her or said to her, was out of motherly love. With the birth of her son Ike in August 2018, she describes the moments where she finally understood and declares to her mother in beautiful poetry, “Everything you ever said and done, made me the mother I’ve become. I hope someday I will be the one he can’t live without; I get it now.”

Another cheeky song on the album is the second single to be released, ‘Hey’, telling the listener that life is too short to give a...HEY!. It almost serves as a sequel to ‘Outrageous’, where having done whatever it is you want to do with the advice given in ‘Outrageous’, it is time to stop and celebrate “we work so damn hard, it goes by in a flash, so let’s take a little time and drink to that.”

A stand out track, is the absolute energetic and powerful album opener ‘Heart’. The title might have you thinking it’s a love song – but instead it’s an ode to those Amber has met in life who have ‘heart’. “You’re a fighter, a survivor, trailblazer, nothing breaks you, cause you win some and you lose some, but you never give up – you’ve got heart”. The album title ‘Spark’ is a lyric lifted from this song, and ‘Heart’ will serve as the theme song for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Gold Telethon in June 2019.

‘Spark’ is filled with energy and highs to have you singing along with joy, and then hits you right when you least expect it with raw emotion – none more so than the final track on the album which is also the most poignant. Aptly named ‘Round of Applause’, it is a beautiful and sentimental tribute to her late father, a man her fans know well from past songs ‘The Lifesaver’ and ‘The Lucky One’. This is the only track on the album that Amber wrote entirely herself and includes references to her son Ike and the amazing impact her father left on the community with lyrics including “The streets are all lined, your family’s proud” and “people are clapping ‘cause you were a fighter, now I sing my baby to sleep with sweet stories of you, forevermore, round of applause.”

Spark is out everywhere on June 14, 2019, with a national tour to follow.