Isaiah Firebrace

Isaiah has an incredible story. He attended high school on the banks of the Murry River and went without food in order to fund the 6 hours of travel that was required to get to his singing lessons each Saturday. He couldn’t borrow a dollar to buy lunch, but he knew his dream would become real, and one day he would be an international recording artist.

In the past three years,the talented teen has transformed from a small town singer to one of Australia’s most successful artists. Along the way he’s won The XFactor, was signed to Sony Music and represented Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest finishing in top 10. Isaiah’s debut single has broken records with‘It’s Gotta Be You’ going Platinum in Australia,double Platinum in Sweden, Platinum in Norway and Gold in Denmark, and is now notching up over 240 million international streams. The song was one of the highest streaming songs from any Australian artist in 2017 and continues to break records for emerging artists. Isaiah’s incredible voice is seeing his releases collectively notching over 300 million streams at only 19 years of age.Isaiah has just finished a national tour with his band including 50 shows and workshops with communities across Australia.

He was able to work with people in outback Australia, sharing his journey and showing that dreams can become real with hard work and self belief. Isaiah was able to sing one of his recent songs ‘Spirit’ with communities challenged by hardship.‘Spirit’ is as tunning ballad reflecting the heartbreak we all experience when your mind looses touch with your spiritual side and the joy you feel when you rediscover that connection.The milestones keep adding up for Isaiah, who continues to perform on TV shows and high-profile events across the country.Isaiah adds“It’s all a bit surreal for me,I’m just this guy from a little country town!”Isaiah has been writing his new album in America and Australia in collaboration with some of the finest songwriters and producers in the world.

Isaiah’s first song from his upcoming album ‘What Happened To Us’ is to be released through Sony Music Australia in mid November 2019. This is an extremely personal song for Isaiah penned on the back of young love.Isaiah’s song writing talent is about to shine its way into 2020, shaping up to be his strongest year yet.

With multiple song’s due for release through Sony Music, it will be exciting to hear his new material hit the airwaves.